Addressing how major crises affect your business is never anything any small or medium-sized business wants to think about. Here are a couple of hints for making the most of your communications in times of crisis.

As more businesses and nonprofits are working with outside firms for their design and content development needs, it's more important than ever to establish a set of guidelines for how your brand is represented in all types of content - visual, textual, audiovisual, etc. To do this, organizations should set up a style guide. Style guides are the "rulebooks" for utilizing a brand, both for internal design and documentation and for external users.

With the proliferation of marketing jargon out there, getting to a basic understanding of key marketing terms can occasionally be hard. This is particularly true when talking about the types of advertisements we run in the "non-print" world. So online, digital, social - what does it all mean?

Most people know what organic means when it comes to their bananas. But what does it mean for marketing and content? Understanding what organic is, how it compares to paid, and how both work is a major component in building a winning content strategy.

under constructionSo it's time to tackle a logo redesign - congrats! Don't have the slightest idea where to start? GYRE Marketing has you covered. Here are a couple things you can do ahead of time to get the most out of your logo redesign project.


under constructionStarting something can be hard. It's even harder if you're not sure what questions to ask. When we do web redesigns, we encounter many businesses who struggle with understanding the basics of the property their website is built upon - domains, hosting, and security. If there's a web redesign in your future, here's a quick primer on these important concept, along with some questions to help make you better informed as you move through the process. Remember, these items are critical to your website's operations - they are pieces of information YOU should own (not your web designer!) and retain for your records! 

under constructionIn mid-January, Facebook announced a change to its Facebook News Feed algorithm that would “prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people, and prioritize posts from friends and family over public content.” Understandably, this caused widespread panic amongst business users of the Facebook social media platform, and concern that their carefully cultivated communities would suffer damage or even disappear.

While this doomsday scenario isn’t the case, there are several things marketers, advertisers, social media managers, and small business owners can do differently to mitigate the impact of the algorithm changes on their communities.

under constructionSometimes the hardest part of content development is finding something to say. You not only need content that engages and entertains your audience, but also something that communicates important brand messages and could possibly be of interest to new audiences. Whether your job is as a marketer, a social media manager or a blogger, building content that resonates with your audience is a constant need. Here are a few ways to conceptualize your content streams to help you develop relevant content more easily.

The good news? You don't have to work as hard on your content streams as you think you do!


under constructionDo you start out the year with good marketing goals for your business, only to find yourself falling apart partway through the year? Sounds like you could benefit from a comprehensive marketing plan. Marketing plans don't have to be complicated or difficult to implement - but they should include a few important pieces of information to help you keep on track and moving forward in the year ahead.


under constructionScammers are alive and well in Internetland. So how do you let your customers and potential customers know your business is the REAL you (and not a Nigerian prince looking for some banking assistance)? From a social media perspective, getting verified is a quick and easy option for Facebook accounts, and it offers some real benefits for your business to boot.